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      2. 0086-532-88912901

        About us

        QingDao Greenhome Furniture, set up in 2002, is a mediam-sized private enterprise handling production and export of baby& kid furniture in solid wood, which occupies more than 40000 sq meter, thereinto the workshop is 25000 sq meter. There’re more than 200 workers. The capacity is about 30 hq per month.

        We have sales department, R&D department, QC department. We pride ourselves in good communication with the customers, assistant of designing new model and making blueprint&assembling instruction, professional expertise, and good quality control. We can treat the file in the form of cad, pdf and jpg.

        Safty and quality is most important for baby and kid furniture. As an experienced and veteran producer and exporter of baby and kid furniture, we are very familiar with the new standard of ASTM, JPMA, BS EN, AS/NZS and SOR. Our sales person, QC and production management persons are all trained and experienced.

        In one word, quality, good service and low prices are our advantage. The customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.


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        Address: Jiaozhou Industrial Park,Qingdao,China   Tel:0086-532-88912901   E-mail:info@greenhomeqd.com